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● 阿德莱德是一座宁静和典雅的城市,游客将参观到这里的文化名胜和许多保存完善的维多利亚式建筑物和老式教堂等,充分体现了城市的丰富文化底蕴。

● 行程包括维多利亚广场、中国城、托雷斯河及两岸风光;圣彼得大教堂和嘿斯巧克力店;北大街上的艺术馆、博物馆以及著名的阿德莱德大学。

● 午后漫步在格莱内尔(Glenelg)海滩,这个历史悠久的海滩是英国殖民者登陆的地方。整个行程体验轻松自在、悠闲和惬意的生活。

Terms and Conditions

MJ Tours & Charters reserves the right to alter and change prices, alter its itinerary, refuse boarding at its discretion and is not responsible for personal belongings, any losses or expenses due to delay or changes of schedule, default of any third parties or any other cause beyond its control. Travel insurance is recommended. No smoking or alcohol is permitted on board; seat belt must be on at all times. Cancellation conditions may apply with less than 7 days before departure. No refunds will be made for services not availed once travel has commenced. Minimum bookings required for tour to operate. 

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